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After a day of competition at St. John’s Invitational duals, the Ohio State Fencing team came away with an even record at 5-5. The Buckeyes faced four of the top ten teams in the nation and highlighted the effort with a 14-13 upset from the men’s unit over defending national champion Columbia.

In addition to the victory against No. 1 Columbia, the No. 2 men’s squad defeated No. 8 St. John’s, 16-11 and No. 7 Harvard, 15-12. As a unit, the team tallied a bout-record of 71-64, but fell head to head against No. 3 Penn State and No. 4 Notre Dame, both by a score of 14-13.

The men’s saber contingent set the tone for the men’s team, earning a record of 28-17. Junior saberist Fares Arfa collected a team-high 11 points, and freshman Domenik Koch added ten points. Junior Lewis Weiss contributed ten points to the epee unit’s 27 points overall.

The No. 4 women’s team struggled to score points against their opponents, ending the day with a 66-69 bout-record. The team was able to defeat No. 10 St. John’s, 20-7, and No. 7 Harvard, 16-11, but fell to No. 5 Penn State (15-12), No. 3 Notre Dame (24-3) and No. 1 Columbia (14-13).

The women’s foil unit scored a team-high 26-19 record, with 12 points from senior Eleanor Harvey and ten from senior Alanna Goldie. Senior epeeist Eugenia Falqui contributed 13 points to the unit’s 23 points overall.




The Buckeyes will return to the strips in South Bend, Ind. for Northwestern Duals on Feb. 4-5.

St. John’s Invitational
Jan. 21, 2017
Taffner Field House - Jamaica, N.Y.

No. 3 Penn State def. No. 2 Ohio State, 14-13 (S: 6-3, F: 3-6, E: 5-4)
No. 2 Ohio State def. No. 8 St. John’s, 16-11 (S: 4-5, F: 6-3, E: 6-3)
No. 2 Ohio State def. No. 7 Harvard, 15-12 (S: 5-4, F: 3-6, E: 7-2)
No. 4 Notre Dame def. No. 2 Ohio State, 14-13 (S: 3-6, F: 7-2, E: 4-5)
No. 2 Ohio State def. No. 1 Columbia, 14-13 (S: 8-1, F: 2-7, E: 4-5)

No. 5 Penn State def. No. 4 Ohio State, 15-12 (S: 4-5, F: 6-3, E: 5-4)
No. 4 Ohio State def. No. 10 St. John’s, 20-7 (S: 6-3, F: 8-1, E: 6-3)
No. 4 Ohio State def. No. 7 Harvard, 16-11 (S: 3-6, F: 7-2, E: 6-3)
No. 3 Notre Dame def. No. 4 Ohio State, 24-3 (S: 9-0, F: 8-2, E: 6-3)
No. 1 Columbia def. No. 4 Ohio State, 14-13 (S: 4-5, F: 5-4, E: 5-4)




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